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About Us

Welcome, for those who I do not know, I am Zaina Al-Ghabra @zainaghabra, your event host. For those of you who I know, as always I'm excited to sweat with you at each and every event. 

As a fitness instructor, one of my main goals is to empower women and girls through Zumba classes starting in 2011. Zumba is fun, easy to commit to and suitable for all ages. In the past 16 months, I've been teaching Strong by Zumba classes and now I am more excited than ever to introduce the first Strong event in Kuwait. Strong is a high intensity interval training class that will get you sweating, burning fat and building muscle. 

What started as group fitness classes led to fitness events and a beautiful community of strong women and confident girls. 

This Decemeber 12, we will kick off with a masterclass led by our amazing guest instructor from Poland, Izabela. 

I've had the privilege of hosting wonderful Zumba instructors and/or ZES's including Loretta Bates, Liana Veda, Didem Zybek, Ecem Kuntay, Marcelino Gebrayel and now Izabela Kin!

Get your tickets and I'll see you soon. 

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