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Zumba with a Taste of Strong by Zumba with Iza

Join the FIRST Zumba Finess Event in Shaheed Park!

Event Details

  • Category: Zumba Fitness
  • Date: 2018 December, 13
  • From Time: 07:00 pm
  • To Time: 09:00 pm
  • Duration: 2 Hours


Welcome to a Zumba fitness event where you will leave sweaty and happy!

Ladies you do NOT need to be at an advanced fitness level to join this class. Any one at any fitness level is welcome! 

 لا يطوفكم أقوى صف رياضة هل اسبوع يوم الأربعاء. بس أقول ترا مو شرط اتكونون advanced عادي إذا you’re beginners الصف حق الجميع و المدربة ياية من بولاندا


What you'll need:

1- For Strong: a yoga mat is optional or a large towel works 

2- For Zumba: a hand towel for all the happy tears of sweat ;) 


6:30PM- Doors Open

7:00PM- Strong introduction and demo 

7:30PM- Zumba 

8:45PM- Dinner by Freshii and raffle draw

See you on Wednesday! Call 501-88889 for questions or details 



20.000 KWD
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